‘Come with an urge inside, an urge to have a better life’

A cleanse rests the gut with unchallenging foods. I will work with you in a gentle manageable way to introduce sustainable changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. I see this as an opportunity to empower change in your life. Ask yourself what old habits or behaviour do you want to leave behind?

Why Cleanse?

If you have poor eating habits, digestive problems, difficulty with sleep, low energy, headaches, aches and pains, an issue with your relationship to food or use tea, coffee and chocolate as a energy crutch you could benefit enormously from a cleanse. Jumpstart to better eating habits – today!

Each programme is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements ranging from nutritional advice, detoxing your kitchen, label awareness, shopping for food, acupuncture or abdominal massage.

I will use my extensive wealth of experience to make sure you have a completely unique treatment plan that suits you. Telephone and email support is also available.

from £150.00 per hour