Some names have been omitted from testimonials due to the sensitive nature of my work.

Linda was referred to me as an acupuncturist who specialised in women health and fertility treatment, something I was considering when I had my first session with her. She is much more than that.

Actually Linda was my rock during those three years from being introduced to the world of fertility treatments with all its possibilities and frustrations to finally bringing my child for her to meet.

Linda brings an extensive knowledge and applies it with honesty and kindness. She was always genuinely concerned for me, bringing articles, referring professionals and whenever needed having long talks.

Linda Carter has been such a positive influence on me that there is not enough space to write all her amazing talents!

Linda is professional and helped me to get get rid of all my ailments (where my doctors failed for years) using her very wide knowledge, as she has years of experience in these fields.

Linda kept a detailed diary programme of my acupuncture and she also helped my understanding of nutrition and lent me some invaluable books on anxiety which completely changed my thinking.

As a result my health has dramatically improved, I am no longer stressed and sleep soundly. I cannot recommend her more highly, you will be a very fortunate and changed person if you manage to get an appointment with her!

Louise Goeritz

I am not the sort of man who finds talking about my feelings easy especially after being diagnosed with male factor infertility - it was grim. I felt rubbish and isolated. I pretended to my partner I was ok but inside I was crumbling.

I found Linda through a friend and she provided me with a place to express any and all of my feelings no matter what they were. I did not understand a lot of the words doctors used process I was faced with and she explained everything clearly in a way that was ok for me as a man. We slowly discussed all the things I had tried to avoid and a huge weight was lifted from me.

I was told by many doctors and specialist I would not be able to have a baby which broke my heart due to sub fertility issues, after closely following Linda’s recommendations I gave birth to a healthy daughter who has filled our life with joy.

Linda is a highly qualified acupuncturist, masseuse, reflexologist and life coach. Her training is grounded in Chinese medicine and alternative medicine, however she incorporates many aspects of health and wellness given her passion for the subject, her years of experience, and continuing education.

What I like about her approach is the wholistic nature of it, considering the whole body rather than just the symptom, being highly customized. She is focused on prevention (rather than waiting for the whole system to fall apart).

I originally went to see Linda as I had not had a period in over 7 months, I knew this was not good and thought acupuncture might be able to help. I got my period back the week following my first treatment. I knew immediately acupuncture was having an incredible effect on my body.

I continued to see Linda to help reduce work stress and learned so much from her about how my body works through the lens of Chinese medicine / how to best balance the elements. I became addicted to acupuncture and seeing my health through this lens; I continue to go as I believe that we should live as balanced a life as we can in all aspects and that by taking care of ourselves week to week we avoid bigger problems later on.

I also saw Linda throughout my pregnancy and felt that her prenatal massages and acupuncture dramatically helped my pregnancy wellbeing. 

Linda is a shining light to help guide you on life's journey.

Linda cultivates your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through an interdisciplinary, holistic approach. I leave each treatment feeling relaxed and refreshed. With each treatment, I enter a non-judgmental, supportive space with a dedicated practitioner offering bespoke treatments founded on decades of training and experience.

Maribeth Gainard

Linda has a true understanding of the link between emotional and physical health, she always takes her time with her clients and goes to the core of the issue. She has magic hands!  

Linda a holistic wellbeing therapist across different mediums.

I originally came to see her for stress reasons, but that evolved into many other areas, especially fertility as well as supplementary treatments.

Generally I feel calmer and less anxious when I see you, and it helps me to have someone to share my thoughts, feelings and concerns with.

Linda is extremely professional and client centered, she has extensive experience and skills and is always seeking to know more and to find better ways to serve

I treasure Linda as a trusted and hugely experienced practitioner that blends a holistic approach with a wealth of experience to tackle the root cause of all of the issues I have brought to her attention. The results speak for themselves.

I have happily recommended Linda to both friends and family and I know she has brought the same benefits into their lives.

Linda has addressed stress, hormone imbalance, irregular menstrual cycles, digestion issues, and fertility planning. She has also been mindful to highlight where additional medical input is appropriate outside of her own practice.

Lucy Priest

Linda is kind, caring, experienced, intuitive and calming 

A very intuitive, intelligent and caring practitioner.  I went to Linda to treat my hyperthyroid; I was experiencing palpitations, weight loss and anxiety. I wanted to avoid the medical route as I wanted to try for baby. 

Thanks to Linda's experience and ability to listen to the mind and body, I was back to a hormonal normal level after only 6 months. I was also feeling much better in my mind and body.

Not only she checked my blood tests very regularly but also she gave me amazing tips to calm the mind and listen to your inner voice, all these coupled with acupuncture session. Linda has been an amazing companion in my holistic healing journey. 

Linda you really are a magical part of my life and I am so grateful for YOU. 

Linda came highly recommended. For quite a while (prior to pregnancy) I had a curiosity about acupuncture treatment and how it could help support good energy flow, mental calmness, but did not know where to find a practitioner or how to assess if they would be the right person to help.

 The trusted recommendation was initially to target a specific shoulder tension which was not responding to massage treatment alone.  I would describe you as highly professional, generous with time/caring towards clients, compassionate, intuitive, welcoming (able to put a client at ease swiftly), excellent ability/competency to provide targeted treatment with consistent outcomes.   

Amazing positive and inspiring session today. Utter bliss. 

Having suffered over the last 6 years with ongoing shoulder pain, I decided to explore a different route, her coaching helped enormously.
She also gave invaluable lifestyle advice to continue the recovery. I would highly recommend her.

Caroline Angell