Three-Month Program

Are you desperately trying to find hope that you will be able to conceive and have a healthy baby?

Maybe you’ve been tracking your cycle for months, had unsuccessful IVF cycles, or had uncomfortable and embarrassing tests only to be painfully disappointed. Perhaps your spouse or partner is suffering in his own silence and your relationship is starting to feel the strain.

Are you sick of always waiting?

  • Waiting for your blood tests,
  • Waiting for your period before your next chance,
  • Waiting to ovulate,
  • Waiting for egg collection,
  • Waiting for fertilization,
  • Waiting for embryos for mature,
  • Waiting for your transfer day,
  • Waiting for your pregnancy test,
  • Waiting to be a parent or waiting for a sibling for your child?

Have you:

  • Had several failed assisted-fertility cycles?
  • Feel like IVF has taken over your life?
  • Been exhausted from the blood tests, being prodded and probed?
  • Had to take time off from work and feel like you can’t share the emotional strain you’re constantly under with co-workers?
  • Suffered recurrent miscarriages and need extra emotional support?
  • Gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows?
  • Struggled spending time with friends and family who mean well but just don’t understand your despair?
  • Felt like no one is really listening to you?
  • Experienced unexplained infertility?
  • Had numerous blood tests and pelvic scans and everything is fine
  • Worried that your partner’s low sperm count, mobility, motility or volume makes him feel less than and the guilty party?
  • Felt like the emotional and financial stress is straining your relationship?
  • Felt like you’re doing this alone and your husband or partner doesn’t have to do anything? Perhaps you feel your partner is not committed or invested as you?
  • Worried that your partner feels less than, has no one to confide in or may feel like a sperm bank?
  • Wondered if the deep connection and sex you once enjoyed together is gone forever? It feels all too mechanical!
  • Argued about the money you’ve spent and dreams you’ve had to put on hold?
  • Given up so many things, including spontaneous lovemaking?
  • Wanted to scream when you’re told to “keep on trying?”

A study of fertility problems conducted by Middlesex University and Fertility Network UK, shows that more than half of all respondents feel sad, out of control, frustrated, helpless and fearful and worries nearly all of the time and 90% of these respondents reported feeling depressed.

Go from feeling hopeless and trapped in a personal hell that no one else understands to having a clear fertility strategy and the chance to have the baby you’ve longed for.

Imagine Having:

  • A clear course of action so that you are no longer frantically looking for the latest fertility information and jumping from one thing to another
  • Regular periods and knowing when you are ovulating
  • Peace of mind that you and your partner have healthy eggs and sperm
  • Having someone to confide in and support you during this often stressful process
  • The intimacy you and your partner once had
  • Expert advice on the right clinic, if appropriate, and recommendations for other professionals
  • Guidance to improve egg or sperm quality, womb lining, hormonal and endocrine issues or anatomical and structural issues
  • Support in managing frustrations and dealing with disappointment
  • Having someone to turn to that you trust will guide you

As your fertility expert, I will be with you during the stress and uncertainty. You’ll have me to give you the strength to keep going during the confusion, hope and disappointment bringing you to your ultimate goal of having a healthy baby.

Your personalized fertility course of action will include:

  • Lifestyle advice including how to manage stress and the foods that help with conception because a healthy pregnancy relies on having a healthy body and mind
  • Observing and charting your menstrual cycle and fertile window to optimize natural conception
  • Managing hormonal and endocrine issues
  • Suggestions to check physical issues such as: Fallopian tubes are free from blockages
    • Fibroids
    • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Painful intercourse
  • Identifying your follicular, ovulation and luteal phases and the best things to do during each phase
  • Understanding cervical PH
  • Support to help with the stress and anxiety that you may encounter during your struggle
  • Explain postcoital testing
  • Listening to men who have their own personal set of emotions
  • Reducing cortisol
  • Pregnancy and postpartum care

Medical doctors agree that 6-12 weeks of positive lifestyle changes can improve the quality of sperm and the lining of the endometrium (Source: NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, you will receive a tailor-made programme for you. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a family and want to be fertility fit. Or you’ve started to try to conceive and feel frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as you thought. Or you’ve faced obstacles, disappointment and negativity from the medical profession and need positive professional advice to move on. You will receive the exact support you need, no matter what stage you are at.

You’ll also receive:

1. A Clear Start providing you with a strong strategy of how to move forward and you get the results you want:

  • We start by taking a very detailed case history that includes medical, physical and emotion events in your life, your menstrual and reproductive history, lifestyle habits and challenges;
  • This information determines what we will focus on first, second and third;
  • From there, we agree what realistic goals we can set.

2. Total Support so we can eliminate unnecessary stress and heartache from your life.
I will:

  • Provide absolute support to an individual or couple trying to conceive;
  • Understand your needs and concerns and never judge or ever think a question is irrelevant or silly;
  • Provide the safe space you need to air your frustrations:
  • We will meet weekly to discuss your fertility stage.

3. Awakened Awareness so that you understand your cycles, alleviating stress and bringing joy and happiness in your journey to conception:

  • If you don’t already understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation, I will give you a clear understanding of fertile signs and pinpointing your fertile time;
  • You will feel empowered and strong;
  • Provide the safe space you need to air your frustrations:
  • If you have experienced setbacks and feel despondent we take a fresh look at what you can do differently, there are a lot of options for you.

4. Emotional and Mental Balance with tailor-made strategies to help you stay optimistic and grounded:

  • We will explore any negative emotions or traumas that may be subconsciously blocking you;
  • Together, we will find the appropriate tools and methods for you so that you have a more peaceful, calm and centered path.

4. Emotional and Mental Balance with tailor-made strategies to help you stay optimistic and grounded:

  • We will explore any negative emotions or traumas that may be subconsciously blocking you;
  • Together, we will find the appropriate tools and methods for you so that you have a more peaceful, calm and centered path.

5. Look at Test Results to give you the optimum conditions for conception:

  • Repeated blood results can be confusing and frustrating, I will take the time to look at results with you and see when natural therapies can improve your readings;
  • Women often measure their fertility by an AMH reading but this should not be taken in isolation; if you have a high FHS this can be improved.

6. When to Visit a Specialist knowing when you need to take a different approach can be hard:

  • Infertility is the phrase used when a couple have not achieved a pregnancy even though they are having unprotected sex every day or two at the woman’s fertile time;
  • This can be traumatic but if you start to talk to family and friends you will realise it is much more common than you think;
  • I can help you decide which clinic is best for you what statistics can and can’t tell you and other factors to be taken into account.

7. Manage your Anxiety to cope with the confusing choices. I will provide you with a safe, non-judging and personal place to share:

  • Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of having a baby and a family since you were a girl;
  • Fertility challenges may be the first big crisis of your life and one that you don’t seem to be able to control, especially since you’ve worked hard to achieve results in other area of your life.

8. Counsellors say 93% of men feel sad and isolated when trying to have a baby

Men don’t always want to keep on talking to their partner about their feelings. Sometimes they cannot handle a woman’s tears, they feel embarrassed by humiliating sperm tests. This is not how they thought they would make a baby:

  • I am highly skilled at talking to men about all aspects of their life, sexual health and emotions
  • We can have joint calls with you as a couple or individual sessions with your male partner to restore their self esteem and give then back their confidence.

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

Investment: £2399.00

Includes a total of 12 one-hour sessions to be scheduled once a week or more frequently, depending on your needs. Terms and conditions to be included.

Sessions are conducted privately online via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or phone

If you happily become pregnant during this time we can switch to pregnancy care and advice.

Please e mail me at to arrange an appointment or call 07414 833161